Ground Bolt and Ground Ball

For use with the ST-47 Groundhog Vehicle-Mounted Static Grounding Device

Featuring Dynacheck® – Automatic and Continuous Self-Checking Circuitry


If you load at terminals where the Scully Groundhog is incorporated with the existing Scully Overll Prevention System, you need a Scully Ground Bolt on your vehicle. The Bolt is mounted directly to the vehicle frame and wired to the existing truck-mounted Scully Socket(s). This allows you to perform only one connection for overfill and ground verification.

If you load at terminals which have a Scully Groundhog mounted independently at the rack, you need a Scully Ground Ball mounted directly to your vehicle frame.

The grounding connection is completed with a special quick release plug and cable assembly that plugs onto the ball.

The Scully Ground Bolt and Ball contain “smart” electronic circuitry which offers an intelligent return signal to the Groundhog™ Control Monitor. This “smart” circuitry veries that a proper connection is made before loading can begin. If the ground connection is broken during loading operation, the operation ceases.


  • Prevents loading until a proper static ground has been established.
  • Automatically shuts off the loading operation if the ground is broken at any time during loading.
  • The Ground Ball or Bolt can be installed easily in a few minutes.
  • Provides intelligent grounding verification with self-proving connections to the Ground Ball and Bolt.
  • Self-proving feature provides visible proof that a proper vehicle static ground has been made and automatically permits loading.
  • Suitable for tank cleaning and other applications where verifiable grounding is needed.
  • Known for dependability, maximum safety and service common to all Scully Systems.




Scully T.I.M.®

Truck to Terminal Safety Communications


The Scully Truck Identication Module™ (T.I.M.® ) provides a unique serial number to the Vehicle Identication Prover® (V.I.P.® ) System control unit feature of the Intellitrol® , allowing the truck to communicate with the terminal during loading. The system is used in conjunction with your Scully tank overll prevention and vehicle static grounding controls.

A tank truck enters the bay for loading and the driver attaches the loading rack overfill prevention plug to the socket. The serial number in the T.I.M. is read by the Scully Intellitrol or V.I.P. control unit and is checked for vapor tightness certification and other requirements. The over fill sensors and grounding status are also verified. If all safety is met, the truck is authorized to load.

Treminal managers may also have the ability to authorize loading of trucks not yet equiped with a T.I.M. or temporary bypasss in the event of a systems failure.


  • Eliminates driver time to present vapor tightness certificates and other documentation required by the terminal each time you load.
  • Easily installs in your existing overll prevention socket.
  • Use the existing plug and cable at the rack for a single connection to provide communication.
  • Prepares the truck to supply information requested by the terminal in the future.


  • Temperature Range: -40° to +140° F (-40° to +60° C)
  • Materials: Epoxy encapsulated.
  • Dimensions: Shown on diagram.
  • Approvals: Factory Mutual (FM), For use in Class 1, Division II, Group D hazardous locations in the US and Canada.



Scully Sockets:

Truck Mounted Overfill Prevention System Connectors

Featuring Complete Loading Rack Compatibility


Scully Sockets are part of a complete vehicle mounted overfill prevention and grounding systems. With over 90% of all bottom-loading terminals in the United States using Scully Overfill Prevention Systems, Scully sockets offer you the compatibility you need at any terminal. The style of plug at each loading terminal that your vehicles load should be considered to ensure a compatible connection. Truck-mounted, they connect to the Scully IntelliCheck® or Load Anywhere® onboard monitor and /or Scully sensors and the terminal loading rack overfill monitor via the terminal plug.

The DuoCept™ includes two socket interfaces, one optic and one thermistor in one, lightweight, easy-to-install weather resistant housing. Duocept models can include a factory installed T.I.M. truck identification module.


  • Designs which meet API (American Petroleum Institute) standards for optic and thermistor systems.
  • Compatible with Scully loading rack overll prevention controls- the #1 choice worldwide.
  • Socket styles for compatibility with all loading rack plug styles.
  • Durable construction to withstand the rigors of road travel.
  • Stainless steel contact pins for long-lasting performance.
  • Easy gripping vinyl protective cap included*.
  • Internal mounting holes and NPT threaded conduit entry holes for ease and exibility during installation.
  • The Duocept features two pre-wired sockets in one powder coated enclosure with anodized socket connectors to reduce weight and installation time and withstand harsh weather and road conditions.

*All sockets except the SJ-4D and SJ-4R include vinyl protective cap.

Scully Sockets: Truck Mounted Overfill Prevention System Connectors

Scully Sockets / Description

Scully Switch and Valve Sockets

Scully Electronic Dummies & Plug to Socket Adapters




  • Materials: Housing: Aluminum casting with gray powder coated finish Socket Connector Outer Ring: Black anodized aluminum Dust cap: Molded vinyl
  • Wiring Harness: 10′ Oil/weather Resistant Cable
  • Contacts: Stainless Steel
  • Size: Refer to diagram

(single sockets)

  • Materials: Socket body: Die cast zinc Housing: Zinc/aluminum alloy Insulator: Glass filled polycabonate
  • Dust cap: Molded vinyl
  • Conduit Entry: Two 1/2” NPT threaded entry holes
  • Contacts: Scully style stainless steel SAE J560 style: zinc plated brass
  • Connections: Provided by screw terminals
  • Size: Refer to diagram
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs. (2.2 kg.)

Scully Intellicheck®3

IntelliCheck®3Complete Overfill Prevention & Retained Product Monitoring System

Featuring Dynacheck® – Automatic and Continuous Self-Checking Circuitry


IntelliCheck®3 is the safest and most advanced tank trailer overfill prevention and retained product monitoring system. It saves time and money by reducing down-time and ensuring safe, dependable loading operations.


Overfill Prevention

  • Advanced, easy-to-understand diagnostics with Bi-color LEDs
  • High-level detection in each vehicle compartment, using either Scully 2 Wire or 5 Wire sensors
  • Simplified programming
  • System shutdown within one-half second of high-level or fault condition detection.
  • Individual sensor indicators for static conditions such as “wet” sensor or operational faults
  • New 5 Wire Series Wired Sensor compatibility adds diagnostic capability to 5 wire vehicles.
  • Detects opens, shorts and helps pinpoint specific sensor to save time in troubleshooting
  • Prevents bypassing sensors for maximum safety
  • RoHS compliant design to protect the environment
  • Corrosion resistant housing
  • Impact and UV resistant window for improved performance
    • Dual Level model available to detect and control 2 sensors per compartment

Dynacheck® Safety

  • Complete automatic and continuous checking of all system components for static operation
  • Complete system diagnostics
  • Visual indication of Dynacheck® self-checking, sensor status and fault conditions
  • Indicator for auxiliary switch operation, such as vapor interlock
    • Loading rack connection indicators

Retained Product Monitoring

  • Retained product detection using two-wire optic sensors
  • Loading “lock-out” feature if vehicle returns with product
  • Driver must press retained product acknowledge button for loading to occur
  • Helps prevent product mixing
    • Warns against overfilling of vehicle compartments

Advanced Optic Sensing

  • Scully optic sensors are used as the “eyes” of the Intellicheck®3 to determine loading status
  • Each sensor is independently monitored and tested up to 30 times per second
  • Withstands extreme road and temperature conditions.
  • IntelliCheck® Kits include Scully sensors- the most reliable sensors in the market with nearly double the warranty of any other sensor.


Temperature Range

  • Operating: -40 to +60 Degrees C (-40 to +140 Degrees F)
  • Storage: -45 to +85 Degrees C (-50 to +185 Degrees F)

Power Requirement

  • Nominal Voltage: 12 to 24 VDC (-0.5, +8 VDC)
  • Consumption: 9.6 Watts maximum at 24 VDC / 4.8 Watts maximum at 12 VDC

Outside Dimensions

  • 9.26” wide X 6.81” high X 2.54” deep

Weight 2.7 kg (

Interface Inputs:

  •  TB4 & TB5 Sensor Inputs: EN 13922 compliant
  • TB3 Auxiliary: I.S. input switch closure less than 100 ohms

Interface Outputs:

  •  TB7: 2.0A at 32 VDC maximum Non-intrinsically safe relay
  • TB6 Rack interface: EN 13922 compliant I.S. interface for 2/5- wire sensors
  • TB6: Intrinsially safe relay output. 200mA at 32 VDC maximum or 1.6A at 16 VDC maximum


IntelliCheck®3 has safety approvals as an intrinsically safe monitoring device for use in:

  •  Canada and the United States: Class I, Division 2, Group CD, T6, Type 4 or Class I, Zone 2, IIB T6, IP 65 With intrinsically safe outputs for Class I, Division 1, Group CD Class 1, Zone 0, IIB Locations
  • Ambient temperature for all ratings (Ta  -40°C to +60°C)





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